Top Questions: When Booking a Ski Town Vacation Rental

Vacation rentals are just the thing to do if you want a better deal on a larger space for your travel plans. If you are going in a pack of friends or family, you may want to have a way to share expenses. According to TripAdvisor, more than 50% of Americans will actively look for and stay in a vacation rental. They like the better rates; the larger space and great amenities and services you may not find in a hotel especially in a Ski situation. Here, we’ll explore the most important questions you need to ask before booking. This will make the journey more successful and will be beneficial to everyone involved.



All the policies from cancellation to gear collection and storage are the most important thing you have to ask. This means you are not in the dark with the things you can get shafted in from the start. Asking about the cancellation policy is straight forward all you need to know is when is the latest you can cancel and what is the penalty. But, what about other policies that are indigenous to the Ski vacation rental. Ask if there are deposits or policies for gear storage and transfer. There also may be damage deposits since you are storing equipment and trodding snow and various other debris into the structure.


Picture of Destination Big Bear CabinWhen is Check In?

In a Ski town vacation rentals you may be travelling to places that by nature, you may have weather or transit issues. What about late check in? Will there be another location that you have to go into to get the key? Will you be locked out at a certain hour? Who do you have to call and before what time? You get the gist. You don’t want to be stuck out in the cold. No pun intended.


Are they Pet and Child-Friendly?

This is just a necessary standard. Despite the kind of vacation rental you have, it is always important to get this information transparent. There are so many people who assume that because most of these places are homes that they are automatically kid friendly. Never believe, ask first. You never know, there may be charges or deposits required for children under a certain age for damages or more than one child above certain ages.


Number of vehicles Permissible

The number of vehicles that are permissible, especially in a Skitown vacation rental is necessary. If you hate travelling with other people or couples; if you are renting cars after your land etc.. this can cause parking and gear transit issue. Make sure you are getting the policy in black and white on paper.


Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and repair happens and will throw you if you don’t know how to deal with the emergency. If you’re in a chilly climate which will be true in a ski town vacation rental, then it will be a must do to ask who is responsible for fixing the now burst frozen pipes or the broken heat in the home. Not knowing the answer to those questions could cause you to have a great vacation turn into a nightmare situation. For more information contact


What Equipment is Available?

In a Ski town, it is imperative that you understand what equipment and possible transfers to the slopes are available to you. You might have quite a haul to the slopes especially if you decided to get a deal on a vacation rental and be a bit more off the beaten path. Remember that you’ll have to haul your stuff so to make things easier do they have skis you can rent there? Is it included in the rate for the rental? It may behove you to ask.

These are questions that will make your vacation a breeze!