How Long Does it Take to Become a Family Practitioner in America?

If you want to know how to become a family practitioner, then you’ve come to the right place. There are a number of steps you’ll have to take. Here’s what Tina steps are.

1. Getting a bachelor’s degree is the first step in becoming a family practitioner, and then you can apply to medical school. It’s a good idea to take pre-medical courses such as biology, physics, and chemistry. In order to have a good chance of getting accepted into medical school, you want to maintain a high undergraduate grade point average.

2. Take the MCAT, which is short for Medical College Admission Test, and medical school applicants must take it. Medical schools will take a look at the test results and they will take those results into consideration when they decide which applicants they should admit. The purpose of the test is to gauge an applicant’s ability to solve problems and to think critically. The exam is multiple choice and covers topics such as physical sciences, reasoning ability, and biological sciences.

3. Study and earn a medical degree, which can take around four years to complete. You’ll receive your degree when you graduate from medical school. Your courses will usually consist of both classroom studies and lab studies.

4. You’ll want to enter a residency program after you receive your medical degree. Expect to do a residency program for at least three years and you will be observed by doctors who are already established. Your residency will take place at a hospital and you will be working and interacting with other doctors and patients.

5. Getting a medical license is the next thing you’ll have to do, and the requirements do vary from one place to the next. Generally speaking, you will need to graduate from a medical program that is accredited and you’ll have to finish a residency program, as well as pass the licensing exam. Before you receive your medical license, you will know what requirements need to be met, and once you meet those requirements, then you will be licensed to practice medicine.

6. You’ll want to get certified in family medicine. This will help you get farther in your career. Just like getting a medical license, there are a few requirements you’ll have to meet before you get certified in family medicine, but you will need to met ongoing educational requirements in order to keep your certification current.

7. Applying for jobs is the last thing you need to do, and there is no shortage of places you can work at. You can apply to work for private clinics/practices or you can apply to work in a hospital. As you gain experience and a reputation, you can consider starting your own family clinic.

Becoming a family practitioner does take a lot of work. However, it is satisfying work and it’s a great career that pays very well. There’s also a lot of opportunity for advancement. If you’re interested in becoming one, then follow the above steps.