Why Having a Designed and Well Kept Garden Enhances Your Home

Maintained Garden In EssexA well-kept garden tells a lot about what’s inside the house. Most of us often make do with a garden that is free from clutter and overgrown weeds, but only a few people know about the many benefits that a well-kept garden can bring to a home. When we see carefully-trimmed shrubbery, manicured lawns dotted with seasonal blooms in different colours and crisscrossed by quaint footpaths that lead to ivy-covered pergolas or small gazebos, we immediately think that the homeowners are the type who take pride in keeping their surroundings attractive and clean. Keeping your garden well-maintained goes beyond the aesthetic. There are many practical advantages of having a carefully-maintained front yard. Here are a few of them and it will become apparent that finding a company that provide suitable garden services in your county are like gold dust and need to be contacted and used.

Well-maintained gardens are pleasing to look at

A garden that is well-maintained is naturally easy on the eyes. It makes your home look more warm, welcoming and generally just more pleasant to anyone looking from the outside.

A garden accentuates your home’s exteriors

The garden serves as an attractive foreground to your home. You can use hedges to frame bay windows or a narrow footpath to pull the eye to the bright red or blue front door. The colours of the plants and flowers in your garden can also be used to bring some contrast against the colours of your home exterior so that your house becomes even more noticeable from the outside. In fact, just a splash of colour from potted plants in your back garden can direct attention away from a home’s dated exterior, making your house look more attractive than it really is.

A charming garden can increase the resale value of your home

A well-maintained garden can increase the market value of your home. You are guaranteed a 20% increase in your home’s estimated value if you have a well-manicured lawn and attractive landscape design. The American Society of Landscape Architects recommends spending about 10% of the home’s value in landscaping in order to reap the rewards of a higher selling price when it’s time for you to sell. *

A well-maintained garden can help you maximize the use of the space

When you maintain your garden you automatically maximize the available space because everything has its own place. Unused front space often inadvertently becomes an area where old cars, broken bicycles or garbage cans are parked. Avoid this sad scenario by making sure that the garden is used for practical and useful functions. You can turn even a tiny garden into a place where the family can gather for a barbecue or cold drinks during the summer. A little bit of landscaping can turn a yard into a place where you can grow a few vegetables, which is a great way to turn wasted space into something with a practical use. You can also use this space as an area where the kids and dogs can safely play in.

A well-maintained garden helps cool the home

A well-positioned tree can help save on cooling bills, while a manicured lawn can provide more cooling than concrete pavement. There are many small trees and shrubs that grow almost anywhere, such as Katmon and even Bamboo, so having a tree or shrub to cool the surrounding area is not impossible even in homes with very small yards. Trees and shrubbery also help purify the air around the house aside from lowering the temperature, which is ideal if you live in the city but want to breathe clean, fresh air every day.

A well-maintained garden can withstand soil erosion better than loose, untended soil. Strong rains can lead to soil erosion if the soil is not anchored by plants, planters, pavers or a concrete barrier. A manicured lawn ensures that garden soil stays in place even in heavy rain. You also avoid having to deal with mud and debris after a long and harsh rainfall if the soil in your front yard is covered with lawn, shrubs, small trees and other greenery.

Having a well-designed garden offers so many advantages for your home. Find suitable garden services that are able to landscape your garden with you to plan and create a garden design that best suits the size of your outside space. A good garden design paired with regular maintenance can give you an attractive and functional front yard that you will be proud to have in your home.

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