Bilingual Education


How A Bilingual Education Can Widen Your Employment Opportunities

Plenty of research studies have been done that show children that speak more than one language tend to be smarter than those that don’t. But the benefits of a bilingual education don’t end there, there are many thousands of times that knowing how to communicate in more than one language can be extremely helpful.

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People That Know More Than One Language Are More Fluent In Both

Since many languages have common words, phrases, and structure, by learning more than one, you can strengthen your knowledge in your home language as well. It will also help with your understanding of the roots of many words, especially if you learn a Latin-based language like Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian, or Portuguese since they all have many Latin words as their base.
Learning More Languages Makes You A Valuable Employee

One thing is for sure, no matter what type of job you have, there will be times when knowing a second language will come in handy. In some businesses, like sales, being able to communicate with more customers can be an advantage that helps you earn more money.

If you work in law enforcement or any other government job that deals with the public, you’ll find that you need to speak several different languages to help the people you serve. Every time a person that speaks one of your other languages is encountered, you’ll get the call to come translate.

There will come a time when management recognizes how important you are to the team, then not only will you move up the ranks faster, but you may be offered a job as the boss because you’re a complete employee.

Many Companies Seeking to Expand Into More Markets May Target Bilinguals

Let’s face it if your community has a largely Hispanic, Vietnamese, or Russian population that isn’t being served well by your company, then becoming bilingual would be a smart move. Not only does it show initiative, but it puts you in a position to run the new division that markets to that particular group.

Learning A Second Language Is Far Easier When Young

One of the best reasons for starting your children with a bilingual education is that it’s much easier for them to learn while they’re young. The brain soaks up different words and phrases far better between the ages of 1 and 6,  many times the child has no idea they’re actually studying a different language.

Seeking out a French or Spanish Bilingual Schools in your area can also be a smart idea. Most of these types of schools teach their entire curriculum in the foreign language which nearly forces the children to become as fluent as a native speaker. Being able to call yourself a native speaker in a second language is a very valuable skill, the opportunities for employment rising dramatically.

If having a second language listed on your resume is important to you, or you would like your children to be bilingual, there are many courses you can take to get started. Then you can enroll in some in-person training to get yourself to the next level of proficiency that the self-study courses can’t do.